FootActive is one of the World’s leading manufacturers of orthotic and lifestyle insoles.  Originally started in Australia, they now distribute to the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Italy and the United States.

They work closely with our team of Podiatrists and Physiotherapists to make sure our insoles are at the cutting edge of orthotic technology.  They manufacture a wide range of insoles for a wide range of activities and uses including medical use, sports, everyday and children’s foot problems. They have been an NHS approved supplier since 2010 and our sports products are used by athletes throughout the World.

The body is a biomechanical kinetic chain, where abnormal movements in one joint can interfere with proper movements in other joints.  Medical research in the past 15 years has clearly established a link between poor foot function and injuries to other parts of the body such as knee and lower back pain. FootActive orthotic restore natural foot function, allowing joints and muscles to function more efficiently.  In turn, this will help relieve painful conditions and help prevent future injuries.

Their goal is to offer an easy and effective solution to most common foot complaints.  All our products are “of the shelf” and ready to use.  They also offer all of their customers a 30 day refund or exchange policy.  This means you can try their products for 30 days and if you really don’t like them just send them back for a refund. Visit their website at to find out more.

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