Callum Duffy smashes the MdS with a superb 58th place finish.

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Marathon des Sables

Follow Callum & Rob as they take on an ambition of 20 years – the Marathon des Sables.

We’ll bring you training insights, kits lists, interviews with finishers from previous years and more.

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The Weeventure Tribe

Callum Duffy
Rob Waugh
Callum Duffy

Callum Duffy

Callum grew up in Hong Kong, England, Germany and Scotland attending University at St Andrews and Imperial College London.

Work has ranged from steel inspections on oil and gas platforms in the northern North Sea, offshore site investigations in the Mediterranean Sea to surveys for offshore wind farms in UK waters. He currently runs his own consultancy; Logos Geoservices

Adventure started with trips into the Scottish Highlands as part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s award followed by hikes and climbs with the mountaineering club at St Andrews and expeditions with Rob.

While at St Andrews Callum joined the British Army Reserve serving for 6 years and training in desert, jungle, temperate and arctic environments.

Interests are ultra marathons and multi day adventures.

Rob Waugh

Rob Waugh

Rob Waugh was brought up to have an affinity with the outdoors and physical challenge. It is a tradition in his family that your first munro is undertaken when you are six years old. Climbing Scotland’s mountains has been a constant in his life since that point, though he hasn’t pursued the grand goal of completing the full list yet. At school he excelled at rugby and athletics but the greatest physical undertakings were the long range, multi-day expedition he and Duffy planned into the mountains of Scotland. It was at school, in the late 90s, that Callum first mentioned the idea of the Marathon des Sables to Rob.

Time in the Army Reserves as a student afforded more opportunity for physical challenge, but Rob realised soon enough that he was better working under his own initiative than in a military role. So he embarked on a career in international development, spending several years managing projects in rural Uganda, as well as more strategic roles in the UK. After getting married he and his wife set off to circumnavigate the world and came back with a baby bump.

Two and a half years of fatherhood later, with its fairly typical lack of exercise and use of take away meals when too tired to cook, means he’s very much an example of the “Dad Bod”. Overweight and frustrated he knew that he needed a big scary target to force him to shake things up and get back to exercise and there are few physical challenges bigger and scarier (especially to someone who hates long distance running) than the Marathon des Sables.


Our Mission

We believe in growth through adventure.

Or, as previous generations might have put it; character building.

We believe that true confidence comes from doing things just outside your comfort zone, things which you aren’t sure you can achieve. Then, in succeeding, you force the boundaries of your comfort zone to expand.

Yet we are not professional adventurers, we are people who take on challenges alongside our day jobs and we do them best in the company of friends.

WE VENTURE – We (together) take on new ventures

WEE VENTURE – We aren’t looking to break world records, just do interesting things while balancing the other demands of life. Think of Wee Venture as the Scottish translation of Microventure

Weeventure has aspirations to become a social enterprise. A non-for-profit group, funds raised from corporate sponsorship will go towards funding two key areas;

  1. The awarding of grants to individuals or teams, in order to allow them to take on a challenge or adventure.
  2. The awarding of grants to charitable bodies who support people to experience the transformative power of pushing your limits.

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What do you want your company to stand for?

If it is to be a organisation which supports ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things, to push themselves beyond their comfort zone and to find fulfilment in the most fundamental of human experiences, then we could be the corporate partnership for you.

We are a social enterprise which aims to help give people the opportunity to grow personally through some form of adventure. Basically, supporting people to rethink what they are capable of. In partnering with us, not only will you have the opportunity to sign up for a range of exposure across multiple channels, you will also see your brand taken to the extremes of the earth in support of people who dare to do the difficult.

Work with us

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