Partnership Opportunities

Our business model is to nurture partnership opportunities with a range of companies to support people to grow through adventure.

Partners do not sponsor the specific event, but rather they sponsor the entire Weeventure entity for a 12 month period. As part of that, all content generated during the year will be linked to your brand, regardless of whether it is event specific.

The sponsorship you provide will enable two things;

  1. It will fund someone to take on an activity which will serve as keystone content for that year. This will not only contribute to their development and growth but also generate the content which will drive visitors to the pages branded with your corporate identity.
  2. Assuming surplus is available, your sponsorship will also fund grants to community organisations who are helping people to grow through adventure, for example outdoor activities for children with a physical impairment. As this programme develops we will present our community with the opportunity to vote on the projects they think should be funded and your employees can also be involved in this process.

We have four levels of partnership package, ranging from Bronze to Platinum. As our reach grows, these will increase in offering and value but at this stage, we have kept relatively modest rates for each package.

Get in touch today to discuss your plans.

Package What is included in the level of package Cost
  • A dedicated sponsor profile on our website, with links to your company site.
  • Small logos on non-running kit.
  • A sponsor profile post on our social media channels.
  • If you supply part of your support in the form of kit, we’ll also provide content featuring placement of that kit. If we really like it, we’ll do a review post too.
  • All of bronze plus …
  • Logo in footer of all email newsletters
  • Content for use on your social media channels including one picture from the desert talking about the importance of your support
  • All of silver plus …
  • Content for use on your social media channels including one video from the desert talking about the importance of your support
  • Availability of Rob or Callum to speak at one of your events (subject tailored to your needs)
  • Prominent logo on running kit
  • Hyperlinked logo in the footer of all blog posts
  • All of Gold plus …
  • Logo include on main hero image of website, plus header of social media
  • Largest of logo sizes in prominent position on kit.
  • Mention in any media coverage
  • Rob and Callum available to speak on two occasions at your events (subject tailored to your needs)
  • Video from the desert talking about the support from your company and including any stock text, paraphrased for relevance, about your company.
  • Place for 6 staff on an expedition into the Scottish highlands led and hosted by Rob & Callum. All food, accommodation provided. This is an opportunity to give your employees a gentle introduction to adventure, safe under the supervision of two highly experienced guides who can pass  on their experiences of undertaking extreme activities all around the world.