Marathon des Sables 2018

The Marathon des Sables is possibly the most famous running challenge in the world. Essentially it is six marathons in seven days across the Saharan desert in Morocco.

What is the Marathon des Sables?

Dubbed ‘the toughest footrace on earth” by the Discovery channel the Marathon des Sables (Marathon of the Sands, or MDS for short)¬†has been the go to event for anyone wishing to challenge themselves to a high degree. While most days are marathon length or just under, the biggest challenge during the week comes with a 50 mile double marathon, to be completed within 35 hours.

It is a challenge which favours the mentally fit perhaps more than the physically fit, though the latter is essential. It is not only about mental determination but also presence of mind; managing your body and keeping feet in as good a condition as possible is a key strategy for many.

Key to the event is also the fact that runners have to be self-sufficient, carrying their sleeping systems and food for the week on their backs (about 10kg). Water is provided but rationed and home for the week is a classic Berber tarp with a carpet floor.

Who would be masochistic enough to do this?

If it seems crazy to do this once, the astonishing fact is that in any given year, around a third of entrants are returnees.

And we have two competitors taking part in the 2018 event. They each have their own reasons and ambitions but the common intent to one day take on the challenge was conceived twenty years ago, when they were schoolboys at Harris Academy in Dundee. Follow their progress and gain insights into kit, training strategy and what it takes to succeed (or what led to failure if that is the case) in this baking odyssey of a race.

Why are they doing it? Is it for charity? Can we donate?

They each have their own reasons. But personal challenge is the main reason. They are not doing the event as a charity fundraiser per se. Our aim at Weeventure is to be able to support others to grow through adventure and so long term, we have the potential to become a social enterprise which funds other people’s efforts. We hope to fund this by attracting corporate sponsors to this site. You only need to do one thing to support our efforts and that is to subscribe to our email updates. That way we can keep you posted and you can get the opportunity to vote on any projects we may eventually fund.

If your company would like to sponsor this site, and see your logos adorning the guys kit as they make their way across baking sands, then get in touch.


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