Stage 3 // Marathon des Sables 2018  //  Duffy on the attack

Stage 3 // Marathon des Sables 2018 // Duffy on the attack

In Stage 3 Duffy went on the attack, boosted by confidence from previous days.

31,6 km for the third stage ??? #MDS #MDS2018 #marathondessables

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It was a 31.6km stage which involved a couple of climbs mid course and then a hard drive to the finish. Duffy increased his pressure on the athletes, many of whom are probably pro or semi-pro (as opposed to a beardy geologist who goes jogging in his lunch break). He finished this stage in 28th place, bringing him up to 37th overall. For the statisticians amongst you, that places him in the top 3.5% of athletes.

Epic effort which means he’ll start the long day in the Elite Top 50, which means they start the double marathon 3hrs behind the main pack.

I may have been forced to pull out of the event, but let’s be fair, the only time I would have seen him on course would have been when he overtook me on this phase.  But, it means I am free to pester you all to type a quick message of support to him (bib 411).


Rob is a chubby, out of shape bloke who spent a lot of time in Sub Saharan Africa peering down well shafts. He is not suited to running long distances.

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